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Chief Douglas Swartz (Ret.)

Welcome to Police Evidence Audits, LLC! I'm Douglas Swartz, the owner of this endeavor. Having dedicated 27 years to law enforcement, including a decade as Police Chief in a small agency in NE Ohio, I retired in 2022. My journey in law enforcement allowed me the privilege of collaborating with exceptional professionals within the Stark County, Ohio law enforcement community—a chapter of my life that I deeply cherish.

As you explore our page, you likely belong to a specific group seeking support. Whether you're a newly appointed Chief/Sheriff, a supervisor, an evidence technician, or someone striving to streamline evidence room management, I'm confident that our company holds solutions tailored to your needs. My own experience—serving as an evidence technician, overseeing the evidence room as a Lieutenant, and steering an agency as its Chief Executive Officer—allows me to empathize and understand the challenges you might face.

Some agencies might feel hesitant, believing they're too deep in disarray for assistance. Others may believe their systems are flawless but recognize the value of annual third-party audits. Wherever your agency stands on this spectrum, our team of consultants, all with law enforcement backgrounds, specializes in providing customized audit and inventory services to meet your unique requirements.

Since retiring, maintaining connections with professionals like you has been immensely rewarding. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage and assist. Reach out, and let's work together to fortify your agency's evidence management systems.

Stay safe, 

Chief Douglas Swartz (Ret.) 


Police Evidence Audits, LLC 

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