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Company Founders


Suzi Doerhoff's life has been devoted to supporting the law enforcement profession in multifaceted roles serving as an evidence tech with Castle Rock Police,  patrol officer and Sergeant with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, and Vice and Narcotics with the City of Aurora PD in Colorado. Transitioning from a remarkable 20-year trajectory in law enforcement to the private sector, Suzi co-founded Police Evidence Audits, LLC, leveraging her extensive experience to elevate industry standards.

A crowning achievement in her career was her appointment as an Executive Committee Member of Evidence Management with NIST/NIJ, a testament to her expertise and credibility in the field. This prestigious role not only validated her knowledge but also fortified her commitment to advancing best practices in evidence management.

Suzi's instrumental role extended beyond accolades. She played a pivotal part in fostering the professional image of the company by engaging with numerous law enforcement agencies nationwide. Her collaborative efforts assisted these agencies in implementing robust systems and procedures, thus fortifying their evidence management practices.

Suzi Doerhoff's unwavering dedication, coupled with her vast expertise, continues to be an indispensable asset to Police Evidence Audits, LLC. Her ongoing commitment to enhancing law enforcement practices remains a testament to her enduring legacy in the field


Kim Barron stands as a pivotal figure and co-founder of Police Evidence Audits, LLC. With a sterling 35-year tenure in law enforcement, Kim culminated her career as the Deputy Chief of Police in Westminster, CO, before embarking on her journey with our organization.

Throughout her remarkable tenure within the Westminster Police Department, Kim exhibited exceptional leadership overseeing the property and evidence function in various capacities, from sergeant to commander and ultimately as deputy chief. Her pivotal role allowed her a keen understanding of the criticality of robust policies, procedures, and practices in managing police property and evidence.

Recognizing the significance of precision in handling police property, Kim took proactive measures by spearheading the revision of departmental policies and rewriting the procedures manual specifically tailored to property and evidence management. Additionally, she pioneered the development of a comprehensive packaging manual for officers, ensuring the impeccable integrity of all submitted items while offering guidance on the proper handling of unique or unconventional items.

Kim Barron's wealth of experience, coupled with her dedication to excellence in property and evidence management, remains a cornerstone of her commitment to upholding the highest standards in law enforcement practices.

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