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Our Company 

Police Evidence Audits, LLC is a consulting business, operating since 2015, that specializes in helping law enforcement agencies review their evidence management processes.  Our team is led by retired police chief Douglas Swartz, with over 27 years of experience in the field.  Our consultants are comprised of professional auditors, analysts and former law enforcement executives who have undergone extensive training in evidence management. Our team is committed to helping law enforcement agencies, anywhere in the country, manage their evidence more effectively and securely.


Our goal is to help departments reduce backlogs, increase efficiencies, and improve data accuracy with customized audits or inventories. Our services cover the entire evidence management process, from evidence booking and handling, to storage and destruction, as well as installing technology/ software to optimize your efficiencies. We strive to be the best in the industry by providing solutions versus sales pitches, and to help law enforcement agencies better serve the public.

Each agency that contacts us has different goals and needs. All of our consultants have extensive law enforcement backgrounds representing different sized agencies from small (50 and under), to medium (up to 500), to large (500 plus). These diverse backgrounds will help our company be relatable to your specific challenges and produce a professionally customized audit report. We guarantee that your agency will benefit from our services or we don't get paid. 

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Left: Capt. Steven Swartz (Ret. Akron Police Dept.)

John Hornsby .jpg

Right: John Hornsby (Ret. Evidence Tech with Akron PD) 

 inventories inventory comprenhensive Police Evidence Audits consultant

Above Staff Lieutenant Joel Smith (Ret. Ohio State Highway Patrol) 

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